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Jenny Hannah



Jenny earned her M.A in Marriage and Family Therapy and Art Therapy at Phillips Graduate University, a non-profit school based in Post-Modern Psychology. Prior to her Master’s degree, she earned a B.A. in Studio Arts at Cal State LA, with several public performance projects based in Relational Aesthetics (focusing on the dynamic social environment).  

She has undergone training at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, working with complex trauma related diagnoses, and at OPICA, an adult day care and counseling center for individuals and families dealing with memory loss and associated neurodegenerative diseases (Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s diagnosis). She draws inspiration from deep studies in Art, Psychology, Yoga, Meditation, Tibetan Buddhism, and Neuroscience. For her Master’s thesis, she developed an intensive 6-week program that incorporates Mindfulness Based Art Therapy and Movement to treat symptoms of PTSD in Refugee Youth.

Jenny is an AMFT with a specialization in Art Therapy. In addition, she is a certified yoga instructor (15 years) and certified meditation instructor (with 13 years of formal study in Buddhism). Jenny is able to incorporate mind-body techniques into sessions, offering an integrative and holistic approach to therapy. Jenny is wholly confident of the wisdom and health residing within the body itself and in the brilliance of depth within emotions. 

Jenny works with adults seeking to find genuine meaning and purpose, carving out a life path of authenticity, distilling one’s inner truth, and encouraging openness and vulnerability. She is passionate about ensuring that people discover the confidence to create deep, positive, and loving relationships in their lives, using discernment, and unraveling patterned defenses.
Jenny works with those who feel ready to face personal transitions, work through feelings of stucked-ness, and those wishing to heal from familial, societal, and individual trauma. Growing clarity, support, and compassion to feel empowered to make any necessary changes you seek is the ground of her approach. Her work is deeply relational, meaning that the dynamics within the therapeutic relationship inform the work. This level of genuineness increases awareness to live a clear, conscious, wakeful life, and allows for realness between two people. The alchemical process of transparency shapes the relationship in real time, and signals your experiences outside the sessions. 

Jenny’s work with young children includes grief and loss, transitions, history of abuse, and divorced or separated parents. Expressive Arts Therapy and music therapy is heavily used in child therapy sessions as a way to increase therapeutic rapport, identify emotions, decrease anxiety, honor non-verbal communication, and increase feelings of agency. 

Under the Supervision of KAREN A LIPSKY, MA, LMFT

Jenny Hannah
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